From the Scrumpdillyishus Dairy Queen to Best Buy’s "Dave", Dale and Dean Menten have been able to maintain a sensible yet pleasant balance between the white keys and the black keys without making too many enemies along the way. To really understand Menten Music, it might be helpful to know their musical beginnings. Things like what they’ve done-who they’ve done-and why they did it-(No, let’s not go there.)
There was "The Gestures"-a local band with a national hit;
"It Ain’t Easy", a local movie with regional appeal;
"I Really Wanted to Make A Movie"- an album of Dale Menten songs released on MCA Records;
"Just Be There", another locally produced film;
From right to left: Dale and Dean Menten stand at the front door of their first studio, Cookhouse Recording, with office manager, Pat Paske. (Sure, they’ve been around for a while, but so has the Hula Hoop.)
"Scrumpdillishus Land"- a song for Dairy Queen that was covered by MGM’s Curbstone Singers;
"7th Indiana Cavalry" -
a rock musical by Dale Menten & Fred Gaines
"The House Of Leather" - a mini-rock album that became a play that went all the way to Off-Broadway;
"Pointman"- a Warner Bros. Television Series
"The Keys" - Written by Maurice Hurley and Joel Surnow - Music by Dale and Dean Menten for Menten Music, Inc. - A Universal Film Production
"Lifeguard"- The Paramount Motion Picture that was the inspiration for Bay Watch;
"Candy Floss - THE LOST MUSIC OF MIDAMERICA" - The music of Candy Floss was all about carnivals, calliopes, tight harmonies, and hope...

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There was also 12 years of Valley Fair and 8 years of Moore of Sunday/Monday. Not to mention several years of Arctic Cat, Old Home, and a many other faithful clients. But that’s enough history - here’s what we do now.